Dream Factory

The Dream Factory is made up of 34 non-profit chapters located in the United States. The organization is comprised totally of volunteers who are dedicated to fulfilling the dreams and wishes of seriously ill children.

camprainbow dflogoNormally, The Dream Factory responds to the dreams of children between the ages of three and thirteen years old, but local chapters have the option of waving the age limit under special circumstances.

The Dream Factory will grant the wish of any child who is selected through the screening process, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin or financial status. Before granting any dream, The Dream Factory consults the child’s physician to ensure the appropriateness of the dream and to ensure that no medical problems will arise as a result of Dream Factory activities.

In April 1981 a few volunteers started a chapter in Clarksville, TN. Many dreams have come true since that time, some simple and some not so simple. Dreams include many trips to Disney World (very popular), several to California to meet TV Stars (Gary Coleman, Knight Rider). A trip to Atlanta netted a visit with a wrestling Star and a trip to Richmond, VA brought a child and a Grandmother together. Other dreams have included TV and Stereo sets, electric cars, go-carts, computers, swing sets and a pony. Perhaps the most unusual involved a hot air balloon ride for one adventuresome boy.

In addition to making dreams come true, the Clarksville DREAM FACTORY conducts a week long camp each June for the children called CAMP RAINBOW. This camp is for children who are seriously ill and/or injured. This has proven to be a great and wonderful experience for these children who are normally “left behind” on camping trips due to their conditions. The Dream Factory provides a full staff of volunteers which includes doctors, nurses and counselors on a 24 hour basis.  Please consider coming to camp for a week to volunteer as a counselor or to provide other support, the DREAM FACTORY can always use more help! This camp is financed separately from the Dreams program with most of the money coming from Bikers Who Care of Clarksville, TN.

The Dream Factory DOES NOT help in the payment of medical or other family related expenses. All money is directed toward making a child happy during a time of great suffering. We know from experience that a child does “perk-up” knowing that his or her DREAM will come true. Granted, some of the children have a terminal illness, but many do not. No matter which situation it is the rough road is made a little smoother and happy memories of loving, caring people and exciting times are stored up to recall during the rough times ahead.
The Clarksville Dream Factory meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Montgomery County Building and Codes Dept. – 350 Pageant Lane – use the back door.

They can be reached at:
The Dream Factory
P. O. Box 3522
Clarksville, TN 37043

Telephone inquiries may be directed to Dream Factory at (931) 647-9865 (Answering Machine)

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